Guys I find attractive (my opinion)

by withlovecarlacompleto

Just something to rant about.

Guys with a good height is a must! I don’t want to be mean but short guys are a turn off. I know I can’t blame them for being that short but it’s weird when a girl is like really tall and your man is like really short. I’m 5’5 & I stopped growing at the age of 16 (i think) I want the guy to be at least 5’8 or 5’9.

I find guys with a cute smile attractive! Guys who smiles can make me go a little bit butterfly feeling in my tummy (i mean not all guys who smiles, just the ones that i think are cute) & oh especially if they have dimples, they can probably make me melt.

A guy with nice eyes. I don’t know how to explain the whole nice eyes thing. I think you just know.

I guess I find guys with a cute nose cute too.

Guys who take care of their hygiene because a number one rule, must smell good or at least please be clean for goodness sake!

Guys who can play an acoustic guitar and also sing is also attractive.

Guys who have that image of a bad boy kinda thing but not really a total ass just the look they give out. Usually guys who are that bad boy kinda thing are guys who are sensitive and caring. I don’t know if that’s true but that’s what I’ve read so far.

Guys who are smart are attractive. I don’t like guys who are too much of a genius for me but I don’t like it either when a guy is really stupid, stupid than any creature that God has created.

Guys who are down to earth, chill, and just out there, fun and adventurous yet have a reserve quiet style.

Guys who have a good sense of humor! You can’t always be TOO serious in life.

Guys who are family oriented. I find it really awesome when he’s not embarrassed to kiss his mother at what age he is, that’s cute.

Guys who have tattoos (the bad boy image kinda thing) I find them a bit attractive, is that bad?

Guys with style. I don’t want them to be a bum and a no one gives a care in the world look.

Guys who are not materialistic. Girls are materialistic I don’t want to go treat you like a girl but to treat you like a man.

Guys who have a passion. It can be whatever from writing to reading to paining to taking photography to whatever.

Umm..there’s more but that’s all my brain can think of right now.