Someday But Not Today

by withlovecarlacompleto

As the day goes by there’s not a day or second where I don’t think about you.
Everyone assumes I’m happy go lucky everyday
But I have moments of sadness where I just shut everyone out
And I put a mask to keep rumors and gossips away.

A smile that can fool anyone.

I miss you so much and I wish you were still here with me!

No one has a duplicate hug that you give me every time you hug me
Each is filled with great warmth and love.
I know this can’t be goodbye
Because I know you are always with me
Not physically but spiritually.

I’m going to see you
someday but not today
and someday we’ll be reunited again.


Dedicated to my Nanay dear ❤ R.I.P

By: Carla Completo