What I hate the most or simply bugging me

by withlovecarlacompleto

I really hate it when people all of a sudden like what you like, that bugs the skin out of me.

I also don’t like it when you’re trying to kiss up. I could tell if you’re trying to over do it.

Be your own individual I’m already taken!

Hate how people brag they have so many followers or they have 10k friends on Facebook, sweetie not one will care when you’re at the edge of the cliff. Remember that!

Don’t like it when GIRLS wear a mini clothes and they complain how short it is, no shit Sherlock then why wear it the first place! Duhh common sense!

I honestly don’t have respect for people who shows their tits to random guys over the Internet.

I hate how people fish for compliments. If you’re pretty they will tell you. But if you’re ugly well, you’ll know!

I don’t like how women can get pregnant after another kid when they don’t even nourish the other baby!

I don’t like how people buy pets and they don’t care and love them. Might as all not buy one right?

Actually there are more but I’m getting sleepy.

Night! Toodles xoxo