One More Try with Dingdong Dantes, Angel Locsin & Angelica Something

by withlovecarlacompleto

So I just watched a Filipino film called “One More Try” starring Dingdong Dantes, Angel Locsin and some chick named Angelica.  I’ve been hearing about this hype about “OMG Carla you should watch it, it’s really good!”  I didn’t really plan on watching it because I’m trying to save money.  But stupid me, I forgot my house keys in my room so therefore I had no choice but to stay in SM Mall and I had to kill time, so I watched One More Try by MYSELF 😦 I always watch it alone.  Anyways, the movie was indeed good. The story line and the plot was good.  And I liked it because it wasn’t corny, you know the whole lovey-dovey kinda thing. I won’t put any goodies here, so if you guys want to watch it, do so 😉 There’s great punch lines in the movie.

Here’s the trailer 🙂

Happy Watching