I usually check and write my stuff in my phone

by withlovecarlacompleto

So usually I post stuff up on my phone because its with me on the go but usually I don’t pay attention to who likes my blogs and who follows me. Although its kinda funny how every second there’s a vibration that’s coming from my phone. I always recheck of course and there’s like 10 likes on my post which I appreciate that you guys enjoy browsing my page πŸ˜ƒ I never really expect that anyone would like it since I just made this blog so that my mind can breathe. Since I deleted my tumblrblog and I totally forgot my password in my blog spot I thought start something new, something fresh and that’s how I started this blog. I like sharing my stories and pictures who are interested to read and learn about them. I don’t post to gain followers. I’m not those crazy attention seekers that puts “follow for follow” I like to think that people follow your blog because they have an interest on what you write or your blog is interesting to look at. Not because you hunted them and say “please like and follow my blog” I mean I could have thousands of followers or a thousands of post and one follower it makes no difference to me. If you like what I have to post then awesome, if not, then sorry you came to the wrong page. But I am Carla Completo and this is my blog. I think I will keep this for now hehe. I’m no pro blogger I’m just a simple girl who tries to live a simple life and likes to write her life story out because its therapy for me. Thanks for reading!!

Carla ❀