I’m always tired

by withlovecarlacompleto

Why hello to whoever is reading this!

But ever since school beg an I have been getting headaches and I’m ALWAYS TIRED 😦 I don’t know the real reason why.  School just begun and there’s no real class yet so I don’t know why I’m tired, isn’t it weird? Is it because my body is adjusting to this time? Hmmm I wonder. For example, last night I wanted to take a nap, instead I took a long nap, longer than I expected. I cam home from school at 5:40pm and I got home around 6:30pm. I set up my alarm clock at 7:30pm so that I could wake up and do my workout. But I never woke up. All I did was sleep and sleep and sleep! I didn’t think I ever felt the vibration and the sound of my alarm. Plus I had my lights on and I had the electric fan on and plus i didn’t have any blankets on me.  I didn’t even wake up to go the bathroom nor did I even bother to check what time it was.  Then later on I just quickly got up and panicked because I thought I was late for school. I checked my phone and it said “January 4, 2012 5:45am”  I couldn’t believe it! It’s already Friday and it’s morning! I slept the whole night! I didn’t even bother to eat nor brush my teeth or take a bath. I know gross right! Well I can’t believe I was THAT tired from nothing, absolutely NOTHING.

And now speaking of NOW it’s January 4th I’m wide awake but with a throbbing headache, I feel like my head is about to explode although I’m writing this to you but I feel okay. I was about to do a lot of things such as: wash my clothes, sweep the floors in my room, put up the curtains and last but not least WORK OUT!  But I don’t think I could do any of that 😦 my body is like a rock it won’t let me go anywhere.  When I do get up it feels like my head is spinning.

Why is this happening to me?