New Year’s Resolution

by withlovecarlacompleto

The year is coming to an end. I had my ups and down in this year. So many things that has happened to me and my family. Some were great and some were really horrible. But the things that were great were the ones that I’ve accomplished in 2012. My New Year’s Resolution in 2012 were:
-get a tattoo (checked)
I got a tattoo in my back that has a scorpion with the initials of MCS which is my mother’s initials. The scorpion represents both of our birthdays. My mother’s birthday is on November 5th and mine is on November 7th. Actually not just one tattoo but two tattoos. Just recently on October 27th I got my second one. No one knew about it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. I didn’t really plan on getting one on that day but I knew for sure I wanted another one. I’ve been thinking of getting another tattoo, never really had guts to do it in 2012. My second tattoo is by my left ankle and it’s an anchor with a pink bow. I’ve been getting a lot of comments on why did I get an anchor if I’m not in the navy or if my significant other belongs in the navy. Anchors usually represent “sailors” well I also did my research before I got an anchor tattoo. Anchors are meant to hold ships on the ground, right? And also anchor symbolizes being grounded, being stable. Well I got an anchor tattoo because I am grounded by my family and friends. They keep me stable in life. Without the support from my family and my friends I wouldn’t know where my life would be headed. With them, and wherever I am in my future I will never forget what my family went through for me. And of course the pink bow. Actually I wanted a pink ribbon but the artist that drew a pink ribbon came out really ugly so he suggested that he’d draw a bow and when I saw the design, I just thought it was perfect. The pink ribbon symbolizes breast cancer. Anyways, since my family has a history of cancer and most of my aunts went through the stages of fighting breast cancer I wanted to get inked in my body to always remember how my family are fighters. Anything that goes in their life they are survivors. And for those that were taken from our lives I’ll always remember them fighting till their last breath, like my mom.

-get my ears pierced (checked)
I put 4 holes in my ears but then later on after a couple of weeks I took out the earrings because it turned out that my earrings were fake or it wasn’t stainless silver.  My skin is very sensitive to little things. So I took them out. I guess it still counted right?

-loss weight (checked)
After my sister left back home to San Diego, California I became determined to lose weight before 2013 came & I pulled through, which I was really happy. I got a lot of compliments on how great I looked and that I lost a lot of weight and such as. But when November hit, things slowly decreased. I began eating. Hey it was November and it’s my birthday month, gotta enjoy my birthday right? Then came Thanksgiving. Oh my there were so many food I just couldn’t resist. And then came Christmas. And well you know what the result was. I gained weight. But it’s okay because I at least accomplished something before 2012 is over. 2013 is coming so I might as well end the year happy, right? I think so.

-talk to my crush (checked)
Okay so I had the biggest and longest crush on this guy that I met when I first came to study in the University of San Agustin. I remembered that I met him on the College of Education’s Christmas Party. He was the DJ. I saw him and I instantly felt butterflies in my tummy. He was just darn good looking. Trust me, if you just saw him I bet you’d do the same thing. Anyways, I thought he was a foreigner or someone hired him for only the Christmas Party event. He’s name was…Oh yeah right like I’m actually going to blurt his name. His name is “Jack.” My friends said he was a student in University of San Agustin taking up HRM or to say Hotel Restaurant and Management, they were already giving me the details to this guy that I hardly know let alone friends with him. So of course I decided to look for him on facebook, I know such a stalker type kinda thing. I guess that’s the good thing about technology. So I searched him up and I added him, I didn’t expect he would add me because he didn’t know me. But the great thing was, he did accept my request. But I NEVER had a conversation with him. So then my sister added Jack which I was really scared now because knowing my sister she might spill the beans to this guy that I had a major crush on. Anyways Jack did accept her request. Anyways long story short by the beginning of 2012 I was completely over about this guy until his friend requested me and I thought Jack had a thing for me. But then that turned out to be a complete misunderstanding. I find out that his friend Paolo had a crush on me, which was a big NO-NO to me. So my friend Fifi went out to MO2 Aquarium Lounge at Smallville to watch this guy do his thing which is DJ. I hadn’t really plan the whole me telling him I had a crush on him thing but my friend Fifi said “we are not leaving this place until you tell him!” I really didn’t want to but she ordered a drink in Flow Super Club called Juicy Fruit which was a really strong drink. I don’t think I even finished it, maybe if I did I could have done something really stupid. Anyways, she said to me “we are going back to MO2 and you tell ‘JACK’ that you like” I really didn’t want to. But before going in the club, she called the bartender’s attention and ordered one tequila shot. And well that did it for me. So there I was up front and called his attention and whispered to his ears that “i like you…okay bye” It was the most embarrassing and bravest thing I ever done. All thanks to her and a shot of tequila.

-dye my hair to brown (checked)

-reconcile with my old best friend Chea (checked)
I won’t be shy about it but I did miss the guy. We didn’t end in good terms so I wanted to patch things up before my birthday or before 2013 hit. And thank gosh we did. We left the bullshit and the fights and the finger pointing in 2011. And no he is not my boyfriend if someone ever wanders. We were best friends back then.

So there are the stuff that I accomplished in the year of 2012 🙂